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Markus Dombois' (aka Markus Mueller-Dombois) practice is dedicated solely to Criminal Defense - Licensed to Practice in all California State & Federal Courts. Once retained, Markus Dombois will give your case the personal attention it deserves.  Complex legal aspects will be explained in plain language. An aggressive course of action will be followed to provide you with the best possible outcome.

For almost a quarter of a century, Markus Dombois has worked to defend the accused.  As an investigator and then as an attorney Markus Dombois has worked on many high-profile cases.

Recently he successfully represented Colombian Priest Julio Guarin-Sosa through trial on molestation charges. He was found not guilty at trial. More info here. And his felony charge was dismissed at the preliminary hearing. More info here.

He also represented Nick Prugo of the “Bling Ring“, together with acclaimed attorney Daniel A. Horowitz. This was a case on which Sofia Coppola based her movie of the same name. More on the Prugo case can be found here.

As an investigator, Markus Dombois worked with renowned Hawaiian Criminal Defense Attorney Philip H. Lowenthal.  During this time he worked to defend Charlie Kapela Stevens, an alleged drug lord charged with thirty-eight counts under the RICO Act (Charlie Stevens had previously paid off a judge to overturn a double murder conviction). More on the Stevens case here.

Markus Dombois also helped defend a client charged with smuggling seventy tons of hashish on a ship named the “Lucky Star” (which may still be the biggest drug bust in U.S. History). More on the "Lucky Star" case can be found here.

As Mr. Lowenthal's investigator, Markus Dombois worked on very diverse cases, even involving alleged members of the Japanese Yakuza.  Early on, he was involved in a matter concerning the Yamaguchi-gumi Clan; on the tail end of a successful entrapment defense, that had been based on a promised Michael Jackson concert in Tokyo.  More recently, in the early nineties, he was involved in defending alleged Yakuza on methamphetamine smuggling charges. More info here.

Markus Dombois' Professional Memberships Include: California Bar Association (#227048);  Hawaii Bar Association (#7494); California DUI Lawyers Association; Contra Costa Bar Association; San Joaquin County Bar Association; California Attorneys for Criminal Justice; California Public Defenders Association.

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